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20170503 PleaseBeInformed: migration to secure server

A bit of a nightmare is in progress....

Overnight, we moved PleaseBeInformed.com and all its associated titles to a new server. Good news: it's a cloud server and it's much, much faster than before.

Better news: its a secure server (although some browsers give a false negative due to some third party advertising but, trust us, our own server is fully https compliant)

Bad news is a bit techy. Our platform has been developed, bit by bit, over 18 months. Although it's all written in compatible code, some parts handle some things differently, reflecting the preferences and style of individual programmers. One of these related to the handling of internal links. Internal links load graphics and they provide a link that, when you click it, takes you to another page. Pretty basic stuff.

But it's not as simple as it should be. Although the whole platform knows that the address starts "https" and that an "http" link should divert (it's called "rewrite") to the equivalent https page, somehow that's not working as it should. So, across the site, graphics aren't appearing, links aren't working.

We are going through the site page by page (no easy feat) to identify failures but that is neither simple nor quick. And we can't even ask you to help us because we would have to ask you to provide too much information and it would be too much trouble. The reason for that is that if we ask you to say what target doesn't work that doesn't help because we need to know the page where the link fails - and by the time you find out that the link has failed, you've already left the page it was on.

So, please bear with us while we fix it.

In the meantime, there is a workaround you can use: when a link fails, copy it, paste it back into the URL bar of your browser and change "http" to "https." Then you're good to go.

Thanks for your patience.


We keep finding new areas where the migration has defeated logic (at least our logic: no doubt the servers are programmed with some form of logic, but it's different to ours). The latest area that fell over was the part that connects PBI to the payments engine. Seriously. And it took us almost a week to find out where that was going wrong (we could tell you but then we'd have to bore you).

Also, we found that browsers were reporting pages as insecure when they had links to our own, internal, content based on the way the links were structured. Re-structuring links is a long-slow job. The irony is that when you click on the link, the browser will usually get a green padlock, unless there is another, similarly structured, link on the target page.

Who knew that something as simple as helping you feel safe would be so complicated?

Suffice it to say that if graphics are missing, it's just that we've not found that specific link yet. And if you get a 404 when you are trying to visit a page via an internal link, it should work because of global settings but they are not reliable (we know. Don't ask because we don't know) but if it doesn't just change http:// to https:// in the page address and you'll get there.



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