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Funny Money - Stephen Jory

Funny Money

Blake Publishing

Hardback. Published 2002.

Official blurb: Stephen Jory has a secret; a secret he guards jealously. For 20 years, Stephen Jory was Britain's most high-profile counterfeiter. Throughout his career, he flooded the UK with five billion pounds worth of "funny money". In this autobiography, Stephen reveals how he managed to dodge the cops, the crooks, and two big gun-toting Russians.

Our comment: At times very funny, at times sad, Jory's autobiography is a tale of the amazingly talented counterfeiter who never managed to capitalise on his skills, usually because he was constantly in deep debt to the criminal financier who put up the money for the schemes, only to take all the profit and, sometimes, even more. A very useful book on for understanding the way the money moves within the criminal underworld by someone who lived it.



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