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Don't be a victim - financial crime risk for teenagers and young people

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training
Saturday, 14 March, 2020 - 06:00
London, UK

London, UK. 14 March 2020.

County Lines, money mules, identity fraud, sextortion, revenge porn, coronavirus scams

These are just a handful of the subjects in this brand new, pocket money, online training course for those aged between 12 and 24, produced by the leading financial crime risk and compliance training company, Vortex Centrum Limited who have been delivering high quality information services training to financial institutions and government departments all over the world since 1999.

The range of attacks that young people face, all over the world, both on and off-line is enormous.

Everything from becoming drugs couriers to dealers; from involvement in the sex industry to being victimised by an ex, from falling for a scheme that leaves them out of pocket and/or facing criminal charges there are seemingly endless ways that bad people find to turn young people into criminals or victims of crime.

Vortex Centrum Limited, led by Nigel Morris-Cotterill, a highly regarded financial crime risk and compliance expert, has produced a course specifically targeted at that market.

The course is in English and applies to young people all over the world.

Amongst other topics, it covers

- how young people are recruited by gangs, cults and terrorists

- how young people find themselves the victims of sextortion scams or revenge porn

- how young people become the victims of people trafficking and child abuse

- how developing news stories provide the background to evolving threats

- how seemingly authoritative websites peddle information that kills people - and their targets are often vulnerable young people

- how identity fraudsters create false identities - and what happens when they clone those of young people

- how young people starting out in life, in relationships, in work are targeted by criminals and others in ways that can have devastating long-term consequences

- many more.

The course takes about two hours to complete and learners have unrestricted access, including to new content, for six months.

It costs just GBP7.50 per learner.

It is recommended that younger users read it with an older brother or sister, parent or teacher and discuss it with that person. The content is written in clear English and any technical terms are explained so age is not a barrier. The courses are not written in juvenile English, nor in an attempt to try to make the reader feel that the writer is in some way part of their group or culture. There's no teen-speak because that it truly patronising. So there's no "yuuuuuuuu guuuuuuuuuuuuuys" or emoticons.

Information is set in context, with plenty of stories. And each page ends with a "Lesson to Learn" which reinforces what's been learned on that page and draws attention to learning that relates to other pages, too.

Bulk enrolments are available for schools, colleges, even employers to help their staff help their own children. Banks, for example, might give every child of every employee an enrolment. Or even to provide enrolments to all the children in a particular district or school, for example. Co-branding is possible.

NGOs and social services departments might wish to provide enrolments for at-risk young people.

Vortex Centrum Limited is happy to discuss licensing deals and deals for translating into other languages and subsequent distribution.

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