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In 2016, Emirates flew more than 194,000 flights and of those more than 60 were diverted because of a medical emergency. The cost of each ranges from USD50,000 to USD600,000, says the airline. So it needs to find ways to reduce diversions where there is no additional risk to the passenger.

Editorial Staff

We've been trying to access the website at united.com for several minutes. Aside from a pop up about location, nothing else has responded. But what we do know from other media is that United was grounded by the FAA, apparently at the airline's request, for all domestic flights for a period of two hours. International flights were not affected.

Editorial Staff

The group of nations that has been searching the oceans for signs of the lost Boeing 777 that was Malaysian Airlines MH370 say that they have taken all reasonable steps to locate the aircraft and have failed to find any signs of the crash site. There is no doubt that the aircraft has been lost, and little doubt over which ocean it was lost in. But that's all that can be said with any confidence, except that there has been almost no question raised over whether the aircraft itself might have had a fault.

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