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ByeBye Buzzfeed. The site that was once a leader in satire and in pointed reporting is now hitching its horse to Facebook for anyone who wants to post comments, unless they sign in from a mobile with an app. It's a devious way to collect information and force revenue generating actions onto readers. They are still wriggling but with that FB tie-up, we're outta there and we have no doubt that the increasing numbers of FB leavers will do the same.

No link: you'll see it if you want to comment on any Buzzfeed article.


Salon also has a facebook page but it's not written by Salon. It's written by those who mourn the once mighty site's fall from being a "smart tabloid" to a rant-site.

You decide at Salon.com.


Slate went the other way: started as a division of MSN, it was taken private 12 years later and then became part of The Washington Post Company (which used to own the Washington Post - keep up). Nine years on, it still bills itself as "liberal/progressive .. current affairs, politics and culture in the USA." But here's the thing: Slate is genuinely liberal and genuinely progressive. It does not perpetuate the abuse of those terms so commonly associated with the Left. Slate will tick-off anyone who they think deserve it, including those who pretend to liberalism and progression but actually have the agenda that they get to do what they want and no one else can criticise them.

Kudos to slate.com for keeping it real.


The Daily Banter's been around a while but it plays a dangerous game of mixing just enough fact with an overdose of fiction and not making it clear that the end result is satire, or grim humour (it varies). Its laddish style is 1980s rehashed with today's themes but, because it's crude, it has a huge following. And, some of it might not be fake.



Then there was gawker.com. Honestly, no one really knows or cares if it still exists as a publishing entity which is a shame. True, its good days were behind it, largely due to shortage of revenue, when it suffered a bizarre fate: it told the truth, got sued for more money than it could possibly raise by a person who could only afford to sue them because someone wealthy paid for it, and lost. In the meantime the company's six other websites were sold and on 22 August 2016 it officially ceased publication but not before, one day earlier, it wrote a story headlined "Clinton campaign manager says Trump might be Putin "Puppet." It sounded silly then but....??





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