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Last year, in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Indy 500, a former not very successful Formula One driver won. This year, a very successful F1 driver who has not won a race for ages because his McLaren-Honda is a donkey, is to join the very successful Andretti Motorsport team with a car branded.. McLaren Honda. It all started as a joke but things got real serious, real fast, as the Americans would say. The story is across the web, copied, chopped, pasted. Here's the original, real piece:



This is one of the nicest stories ever. A Malaysian Chinese family moves to the US believing it will be a better environment for their children. The parents did it tough, the girl is a megastar. Miss Cassandra Hsiao: truly inspirational.

Don't skip it



Three people were hanged in Bangladesh yesterday. Mufti Abdul Hannan is described by Bangladeshi media as "one of the country's most dreaded militants," led the Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami in Bangladesh. It's a proscribed organisation that operates across the region. Two of his supporters died with him. His crimes included a bombing in 2004 in which the then British High Commissioner was injured. The death sentence was handed down in December 2008 but delayed by repeated appeals until the courts process was exhausted in December 2016. Clemency petitions reached their end on Sunday



Here's something fun. I (Nigel Morris-Cotterill, compiling this selection today) have a funny story about one of today's stories. Some years ago, I was doing a few days work in Ghana, a country I really enjoyed and am saddened the invitations dried up. I got off the plane after a horrible flight and, unlike most places where I'm blanketed by security, strolled out of the airport to get into a taxi to take me to where I was meeting friends for drinks before heading to my hotel. I got in, the driver asked for USD10. Absent-mindedly, I agreed and settled down for a long trip. A few seconds later, he said "We're here." I could have got angry with him or me but I didn't. I started to laugh. Lesson: don't ever turn off your scepticism, especially when you are tired. My pals still laugh about how I got taken for a ride by a taxi driver. Yes, I know. They say it on purpose. And so, here's to the Airport View Hotel which was only a few weeks old when I spent a happy evening on one of its terraces. It's expanded since, it even has "an onsite convenient shop." (sic). It's OK you didn't invite me to your party: it's a long way to come for a knees-up !



Want another me-related story? You do realise there are hundreds, don't you? In the late 1990s, the then mayor of Dublin, John Stafford, was concerned that the new Dublin International Financial Services Centre was getting a poor reputation for counter-money laundering controls. He invited me to Dublin to speak to as many of the bankers as he could get into the main hall at The Mansion House. For two days, the publicity was intense: I got more column inches and airtime than The Spice Girls (although allegations that Ghadaffi had chemical weapons that he was (speculation said) planning to use on the London Underground did push me off the front page of a tabloid). I made recommendations for changes to the law and regulatory regime (some of which were adopted but the changes to bring lawyers within the framework were greeted with serious hostility).

So it's sad to see "Remediation plans issued after on-site investigations found ‘unacceptable’ breaches" after "Central Bank finds weak regulatory controls at some IFSC banks." But the findings relate to regulatory reporting by foreign banks operating in the IFSC. Still, perhaps a seminar in Dublin might be worth looking into. But I bet I don't get the Mayor's private suite at the Mansion House to stay in this time. Sadly





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