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In Oman, three women have been arrested for prostitution. It is alleged that they rented an apartment which they used for assignations, trawled social media for possible clients and made contact with them offering services.



A recent BBC story about an Airbnb host who found his apartment being used for prostitution prompted a search. It's a problem that has plagued Airbnb "hosts" for some time. Three years ago, an "escort service" in New York told the tabloid NY Post that renting Airbnb properties saved them money.

Two years later, the same tabloid carried an article headlined "Pimps and hookers ditching hotels in favour of Airbnb rentals." In the UK and Sweden, the police warned "hosts" that gangs and prostitutes were using Airbnb rentals as temporary venues for criminal activity.

Our link is to a website where Airbnb "hosts" make complaints about the company and its reluctance to stand up to bad renters leaving "hosts" with problems including extensive damage, often in the face of dubious refunds.



A story has emerged that has the ring of the United Airlines assault on an elderly man last weekend, but it happened in 2011. An elderly woman contacted NASA and said that she had a piece of the moon, given to her husband by Neil Armstrong, which Armstrong denied in an affidavit before his death, and because of financial difficulties she wished to sell it. Her treatment was such that, in the USA's special language, would in other circumstances be treated as "elder abuse" but, because a federal employee did it, it went un-remedied until this week when a court decided that the "agent" had no immunity. The story is far from over.



The UK is in the grip of a fascinating problem: an article in the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, followed up by a detailed BBC investigation has brought into the wider domain the dodgy world of men (it's usually men) who provide accommodation and, even, food and board, in return for sex or, even, being a "fake girlfriend." But, hang on, this is such a complex and murky area, morally and legally, that it's impossible to say exactly where the problem is, until something goes wrong. The media that usually says that women can do what they want with their bodies widely criticises this as exploitation of the vulnerable. Yet, sometimes, it is clearly that.



The full, original, Cosmo article by an intern, Jennifer Savin, is not available on the magazine's website.


That led us to this: a South African in Lesotho has been accused of finding pretty young things, offering them modelling jobs and riches beyond their dreams. But it was all a front for.. well, how naive are you? What do you think he did? But there's more...



And finally, we're not even going to tell you any details of this story. Just go and read it. It's for your own good.





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