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You'd think Air Ambulance things would be all serious all the time.

Welcome to East Anglia Air Ambulance.

Just 'cos it was funny, the pilot of one aircraft, which had landed in a supermarket car park, bought a pay-and-display parking ticket, stuck it on the windscreen and circulated a photo. It's just a funny good news story.


Then there's the not funny not good news story that turns out to be a reason to be cheerful: headlines screamed things like "Prince William's air ambulance in near miss with drone" and followed it up with "Prince William’s air ambulance came within half a second of a collision with a remote-controlled drone, an aviation report has revealed. A report by the UK Airprox Board, which investigates near-collisions in UK airspace, said that ‘a collision had only been narrowly avoided’ and disaster was averted by pure ‘chance’."


Well, yes, except (get the tissues out)

"William narrowly avoided disaster..." and "Prince William is lucky to be alive..."


There is constant criticism of those who complain at what are, euphemistically, called "travellers" with allegations of racism and worse.

But there are reasons they are not welcome when they arrive, set up unlicensed camps at taxpayer's expense and shortly afterwards move on.

Here is just one example from the past few days where a major, and prime, car park in a town dependent on tourism was taken over during the financially vital Easter Weekend.



We know this café in Canterbury - but only from driving past and finding the name amusing. Now there's a story to go with it.


We found especially funny the gratuitous insertion of the "library image" in this report. What we didn't find funny was the impression, subliminally given even though with careful reading the contrary is stated, is that the greasy spoon was in some way associated with the bawdy house run next door.


Spot the sociopathic megalomaniac. Facebook's evil genius Mark Zuckerberg says he's sorry it took two hours to take down a video of a murder saying "we are busy" ok, so he said "we are busy trying to fix things.." but you get the point.

Then he went on to sell a raft of features and facilities he intends to add to Facebook, none of which are "prevent people posting vile material."

Paraphrase " Hey, guys, yes, I'm sorry about that murder on Facebook Live thing and it's pretty bad for the family but, hey, look, we've got some shiny new toys on the way so you don't need to think about that any more."




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