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And so it begins. The UK Parliament voted to dissolve itself with effect from 3 May leading to a general election on 8 June. Those calling for dissolution before the expiry of the fixed term needed a two-thirds majority under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, an Act bizarrely and ironically passed by the current Prime Minister's own party. In the event, the result was 522 for the Ayes to 13 for the Nos, a spectacular result that raises more questions than it answers, primarily just why did the minority parties, which PM Theresa May was clear were her concern during the so-called brexit schedule, so willing to surrender that advantage?



It is incredible that the USA continues to argue about gun control. California has suffered a double blow in recent days, first in San Bernadino and now in Fresno.

California's Attorney General feels he has to make a statement on everything (which, because he is a politician there is some value in so doing) but he's running out of things to say beyond basic platitudes. He's already worn out all his hyperbole.



While looking at the press releases for the previous article, we were fascinated by an unrelated statement that says that California has imposed financial sanctions on North Carolina. Seriously.

It's all about California's liberal laws that are not matched in North Carolina, especially those relating to the alphabet soup of gender and same-sex issues. It's odd: if North Carolina imposed sanctions on California for actively supporting what some see as Godless behaviour, that would be a criminal offence. Something's gone wrong somewhere.



The FBI has added a new face to its Ten Most Wanted. It's Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel. Patel and his young wife arrived in the USA on a tourist visa, overstayed, worked illegally at a relative's shop. A heated exchange developed. The police suspect that she wanted to return to India and he did not. The woman began to walk away and Patel stabbed her, repeatedly, in the back, say witnesses. That was just before midnight on 12 April 2015 and Patel ran off and police have not found him since. He can't stay out of contact with all the industries represented by our readers so please read the notice, remember the photos and contact the FBI if you have any information.



This is an extremely strange story: two Canadian women known for posting stuff on the internet showing off extravagance turned up in Nigeria (not the safest place for a couple of people for whom ostentation is a way of life) where, after a while, they were arrested and accused of trying to blackmail Nigerian multimillionaires. The pair, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, had to surrender their passports and they were remanded on bail. But they didn't turn up to Court and they now appear to have returned to Toronto in Canada. If they didn't have their passports, how did they manage that? One journalist thinks the Canadian government helped spirit them away.





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