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Around the web - our way

You know those awful advertorial filled links boxes drawing you in to stuff you'd never want to read if there wasn't an effective teaser? Well, we're doing something different.

Most days, with only the date in the title, we'll put together a collection of summaries of a handful of stories we think you'll enjoy. They are real stories and the links are to real pages, not some dodgy advertorial for belly-melting cream, six packs in six hours or magical diets for a beach body without exercise. Or any of the rash of get rich quick schemes that so many "recommended for you" services shamelessly promote.

No, we look for stories that you need to read or that will disturb or amuse you. And we don't just post a link with a click-bait photo: we read the articles, tell you what they are about and why you should read them. It's value added and you don't pay a penny because it's part of our free service.

This service was launched on 18 October 2016



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