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"Brexit" - UK Supreme Court says UK parliament must authorise triggering Article 50

Editorial Staff

Those who think that the people who brought the action and the Judges who found in favour of the Complainants simply do not understand: if they want to blame someone, blame whoever stuffed up Bill that provided for a Referendum.

There are two significant points in the judgment.

First, in the absence of a specific authorisation that the Referendum was binding on Parliament, it has persuasive but not legal effect.

Secondly, the Referendum was UK wide, the result was UK wide and therefore only the UK parliament should be consulted.

The government has said that it will produce a very short Bill that makes the Referendum binding and, as a belt and braces, authorises the triggering of Article 50.

There will be much debate and argument but these points are the only things that, today, matter.

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