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Five TV sessions where Trump supporters utterly baffle presenters.

Editorial Staff

Regardless of whether Trump suffers from fake news, pre-election tv coverage in TV studios was amazing for the strong statements of false news made by guests on panels or in audiences. These are both hilarious and scary.


Alisyn Camerota, CNN (fighting a rearguard action against CNN's habitual making stuff up) tries to deal with audience participants who believe what they read "in the media" but their definition of "media" is "facebook," amongst other things.


Randi Kaye found that belief in Trump's statements is absolute, even in the face of facts, and also demonstrate his supporters have little or no concern over the criticisms of his behaviour.


CNN's Brooke Baldwin literally sits with her head in her hands as a Trump supporter, speaking as a guest, launches into a rant about Clinton supporting the murder and dismembering of babies and more.


Trump said there would be a ban on Muslims until the USA can work out what is going on. Katrina Pierson, one of his PR people said that that wasn't what he meant and that there was in fact a policy statement and that a later statement was a clarification not a change. As the CNN Anchor presses for answers, a certain lack of depth of thought from the Trump camp becomes clear.


The same Trump PR "National Spokesperson", Katrina Pierson, tried to defend her false statements the previous day.


We just can't ignore Katrina Pierson and Donald Trump really don't understand some of what they are talking about in relation to gun control.

Just out of interest, what happened to Pierson? She's working for a lobbying group (remember how muh Trump hates those?) funded by some of Trump's political supporters (er.. ) having, reportedly refused the job as second-in-command in the White House Press Office. http://thehill.com/homenews/ad...



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