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Five years for multi-million dollar healthcare fraud

Editorial Staff
Healthcare / Medicare fraud
Case Summary: 

Valery BOGOMOLNY, 44, (male) of Westwood, Los Angeles, has been convicted of multiple counts of healthcare fraud, sentenced to five years jail and ordered to pay more than USD1.2 million in compensation. At its heart, the case is a documents fraud.

Case Facts: 

It was found that, between January 2006 and October 2009 he billed, via Royal Medical Supply, a business BOGOMOLNY owned, Medicare for goods and services that were either medically unnecessary or were not delivered at all. These included electric wheelchairs and knee and back braces.

According to the US Department of Justice, which prosecuted the case in US Federal Court BOGOMOLNY "created false documentation to support his false billing claims, including creating fake reports of home assessments that never occurred. Power wheelchairs were delivered to beneficiaries who were able to walk without assistance. In other cases, Bogomolny signed documents stating that he had delivered equipment when, in fact, the equipment was not actually delivered. "

A DOJ officer said "Many purported patients lived over 100 miles away from the storefront, most of the prescriptions were issued under the names of doctors either associated with or the victims of fraud"

Case Judgment: 

BOGOMOLNY was found guilty on five counts. He was sentenced to five years in federal jail and ordered to repay to Medicare USD1,266,860.

Case Commentary: 

It's sad to say that there is nothing new here: there have been many examples, all over the world, of fraudulent billing for medical services and equipment, both where the equipment was not required and where no equipment was ever delivered despite payment.

Banks should watch out for a mismatch between expenditure and income to help identify such fraudulent activity.




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