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Marketing: Nightmare Scenario - discovering your sales team have taken to victimising someone who owns a newspaper.

Nigel Morris-Co...

I should, I suppose, feel a little sorry for the senior management of Pantai Holdings Berhad: they own some fine hospitals that provide excellent care. Unfortunately, someone there has chosen some seriously dodgy characters to undertake their telephone canvassing.

<b>Nigel Morris-Cotterill</b> documents an afternoon stolen by unprofessional and, arguably, criminal canvassers - and the harm it can cause a company that has worked hard to build its reputation.

Take note: if you receive a call from a Malaysian number starting 016 226 34xx don't answer it. It's cold calling by people who are using information that, on the best information available to me, is stolen.

Some years ago, several of the senior managers in my Malaysian company used a group account with Celcom, part of the national telecoms company, TM. The account was in the name of one of the managers who lived in Johor in southern Malaysia. She discovered that there was a better deal with telco Digi and so she went into her local Digi shop and migrated the account, still in her name. But the number was always attached to a phone that I alone used.

Several years later, I took my phone number to an account on its own, in my own name. I have been cautious with the number. I don't like telephones: they are a disrupting influence. So it's easier not to give out my number.



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