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Publishing: start up is game changer in publisher-author dynamic

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Internet start up PitchMyBook.com is shaking up the publishing industry with a mission to reduce the friction within the publishing process. In creating the industry's first paradigm shift for at least half-a-century, the service delivers increased performance while reducing both time spent and cost across the publishing sector.

You can't sell your book if no one knows about it.

Nor if you can't get an agent or publisher to look at it.

Here's help....

Vortex Centrum, one of the pioneers of e-publishing in the 1990s, has launched PitchMyBook.Com, with the single aim of reducing the friction in the publishing marketplace.

No more rejection slips

There are few things more disheartening for an author than to add another piece of paper to his pile of rejection slips - and knowing that putting that slip in an envelope with someone's labour of love to send it back to them will result in sadness, even despair, for someone who has poured their heart and soul into it is no fun for publishers, either.

With PitchMyBook.Com, there are no rejection slips. Publishers, etc. ask for more information if they like what they see - and move on quickly if they don't.

No more brown envelopes

While a politician of any hue might enjoy the benefits of a brown envelope slipped surreptitiously under his coat, for participants in the publishing industry, the brown envelope is a cause of trepidation more than anticipation. After the first few tries, authors hate putting their book in the mail and dread the thump as it returns, unloved and quite possibly unread, a few weeks later. Publishers and agents hate Tuesday mornings - that's the day that piles of books arrive, next day delivery paid, from the serried ranks of weekend writers. They know that almost all of them will be sent back in another brown envelope.

With PitchMyBook.com, Publishers avoid the thudding heart as they fear what's behind the door when they open the office on Tuesdays and Authors avoid the thud as the book hits the mat a while later. It's all done in bits, bytes and chips and that's a good thing.

Authors: No more marketing

We're lying. There's lots more marketing. Nothing anyone can do can relieve you of that. But PitchMyBook.com tosses your book into the ring in ways no other medium can. Where else might hundreds of publishers see your work within a couple of days of you posting your pitch. Or dozens of booksellers, even reviewers. No posting begging notices in on-line fora saying "would anyone like to review my book?"

With PitchMyBook.Com, when you post your book details, you choose whether to invite reviews and, even, who you want to review them. That day, your message goes out to all of our members. And in case publishers and agents feel left out we have a special service for them, too: a dedicated page offering books for review - again distributed as part of the daily e-mail digest.

No more waiting by the phone

Well, you can if you like but there's no need. You'll get an e-mail when someone sends you a message within our system so you can get on with your life knowing that you're not risking missing that all-important call.

No more "no more"

Unless the content you put into PitchMyBook.Com is truly awful, no one is going to tell you that you should give up writing. In fact, you're more likely to get help and constructive advice from people who've been there, done that and are still writing to tell the tale. There are tens of thousands of authors around the world who might make enough to pay some of the bills but they will never be a household name beyond their own threshold. It doesn't matter. If you enjoy writing, that's good enough. If you want to sell your books, then you might need some help. But just like some people never stop trying to bake bread, knowing they will never be able to serve it but they like the dough in their fingers and the smell as it cooks. And so long as it doesn't stink, the neighbours won't complain.

Disclosure: PitchMyBook is a stablemate of ChiefOfficers.net.



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