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Internet scams: an old favourite returns

Editorial Staff

This fraudster pretends to be a partner with a London law firm called "Richardson Lawyer Chamber" - without realising that the name contains a grammatical error that raises suspicion within the first few lines. And then there's his name: "David T Duddias" - a format very rarely used in the UK. Finally, the mail is sent from a mail address which may or may not be real and may or may not be spoofed but it's in Japan which raises its own questions and his return address is with that current favourite of fraudsters, Outlook.com. As if that's not bad enough, the spam-scam is plain: he wants to commit a fraud against someone else and he wants your help to launder the proceeds. Obviously, what he really wants is to defraud you. Read the full e-mail below.


Text of e-mail

I am David T Duddias, expert in corporate and legal claims; I am a partner at
Richardson Lawyers Chamber here in U.K. I am contacting you in regards to a
deceased client who died in an auto accident on the Manchester Highway in March
2015, he was a prominient client of mine. He happens to share the same LAST NAME
with you. Before his death, my client deposited (22Million$) at the vault of a
financial institution here in Europe, documentations regarding these transaction
indicates that claims can only be made by his relative/family member.
Unfortunately he had no will at the time of his death.

All efforst made revealed no link to any of his family member. However, the New
EU law of succession/claim/fund indicates a duration in which such claims could
be tolerated. The financial institution have mandated me to present the next of
kin or a relative who will claim the funds and faitlure to respond to this
ultimatum would legally allow the financial institute to report this funds to
the Central Bank of EU as unclaimed funds (lack of supersede)
I am my colleague have put in place all necessary requirements concerning the
release of this funds and it is my intention to introduce this opportuity in you
as the beneficiary. Please note that I'm legally equipped with all necessary
information/documentations concerning this fund.
Upon your decision of acceptance. I would process the release of these funds to
your possession; you would be entitled to 50% of the said funds and 50% for me.
For security reasons, I have decided not to add more information into this
letter, but immediately you get in touch with me, I would be able to inform you
on how this could be concluded. For time difference and confidential reason. I
STRONGLY Advise that you first contact me via my email below.

It's been my wish to have an investment overseas, so this is an opportunity for
me to invest my share of these funds into your country. In conclusion, It's my
concern to demand your ultimate honesty, co-operation and confidentiality to
enable us conclude this transaction. I GUARANTEE that this process would be
executed under a legitimate arrangement that would legally protect you from any
breech of Law.
Best Regards,
Bar. David Duddias
Email: dt58592@outlook.com