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Differ v Defer

Don't say that: 

Those two things defer from each other

Do say this: 

Those two things differ from each other


There's an international airline which has recorded its safety announcements and plays them on every flight. That's good but it would have been better if they had made sure that the presenter was properly instructed on the use of language - and even better if someone had properly checked the material before it was put out for broadcast to all of its passengers.

The problem is that the presenter says that escape routes may "defer" from one type of aircraft to another.

As if that's not bad enough, the same mistake is made a few moments later in a different concept.

So, to clarify: to "differ" is to be different while to "defer" is to delay.

To mix them up is to confuse those who are supposed to be paying attention to the safety briefing.


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