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What were once peaceful demonstrations against a Hong Kong Bill that would, incidentally to its main purpose, have facilitated extradition to China for a wide range of offences, have become expensive, disruptive and divisive. Every day seems like a new turning point where protesters increase the lengths they are willing to go to, often seemingly with the specific intent of provoking a reaction from the police which the protesters then claim was unduly harsh. And the UN and the USA aren't helping.

Australia allows merchants to charge to customers reimbursement of the charges it pays to payment card companies. It is not permitted that surcharges are applied. A car rental company has been ordered to pay AUD350,000 in penalties for overcharging. Are airlines, including foreign operators, next in line?

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A report in an Indonesian newspaper, tempo.co, says that a national politician has been arrested by the The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for alleged involvement in a corruption scheme that saw him net a big lump sum plus something similar to a royalty on every kilo of garlic imported into the country.

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Don't say that: 

A settlor is a person that "settles" property in a trust
A settler is a person who takes possession of land, often without lawful title.

Do say this: 

"Joe settled the sum 2,000 on his niece."

Joseph settled on a plot of land.

Perhaps in the Arab world the usual hook for spam-scammers of a few hundred thousand dollars, or even a couple of million, is small change. So this fraud is offering me more than 25 million (undefined) dollars in a most unusual manner. But then it turns to a bog standard, old fashioned, Nigerian (advance fee fraud) Scam.

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Spoofing email addresses (that is making it look like an e-mail comes from somewhere other than its actual sender) is a remarkably easy trick and it's heavily relied on by spammers. However, this particular spam goes further, aping the tactics used by those who send e-mails that appear to come from banks. Be warned....

Spammers and fraudsters love .com addresses but so does the rest of the world. For some time, there have been domain levels that spammers like because they can create names that look legitimate but are using the name of a legitimate, reputable, business and recipients often do not notice what's after the dot or have faith that registrars are checking and only allocating obviously well known names to their usual users. Recent additions to the "top level domain" system have opened up a new world of opportunity. Here are five TLDs that spammers are making use of and which businesses should consider banning from their incoming mail and, even, blocking server traffic to.

This is mind-numbing.

According to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, since the announcement of the recall of Takata airbags, in Australia alone they are being replaced at an average of 4,000 per day.

It's not enough, they say.

Big Warehouse Spare Parts is an amazing, if sometimes expensive, service for the supply of parts for all kinds of things, including hard to find items. But its business practices have landed it in hot water with Australia's Consumer and Competition Commission.

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In Australia and elsewhere, the multitude of actions relating to bribery and corruption at Leighton Holdings (see here ) continues in both the criminal and civil courts.

Don't say that: 

The minor was looking for gold
it was a miner problem

Do say this: 

The miner was looking for gold
it was a minor problem

The USA's Internal Revenue Service has, albeit belatedly, joined its Treasury sibling, FinCEN, in concluding that there really is no material difference between using virtual currencies and USD or other currencies. In a notice issued this week, it's made clear: if you price and are paid for your goods or services in bitcoin or any other virtual currency, you are liable for trading profits in exactly the same way as if you priced them, and were paid, in fiat currencies.

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The study of ethical theories from Western philosophy leads one to draw the conclusion that there is no one correct or best moral theory. This is evident because whilst there may be agreement on elements of a number of theories, there is no universal consensus among philosophers and academics as to which single one is best. Contributor: Dev Odedra

When our sister publication Little Blue Green Planet wrote about the ACCC's case about flushable wipes, it dealt with the legal issues from behind a curtain of humour (see here). But the ACCC has decided to appeal. Is it mad or vindictive?

What did the wet wipe say to the toilet paper? "I flush, therefore I'm flushable." Kimberley-Clark - this one's for you.

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Who'd have thunk it? When Hamilton, suffering from a cold so severe he questioned if he would be able to drive, stuck his car on pole yesterday, and Ferrari missed Q3 with one car and missed qualifying altogether with the other, surely it was all over. Then when the rain came down, the cooler air favoured the Mercedes which had been struggling to match the pace of the Ferraris all weekend. Red Bull's Verstappen picked up P2 and Bottas in P3 and it looked as if the race had been decided. How wrong could we be: the race was "decided" over and over again as the Hockenheim track said "if this is my swansong, it's going to be a good one."

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