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This might just be the e-mail that launches a million problems, or more. It is incredibly simple and extremely sneaky. And it passes some anti-spam filters.

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French law, in some circumstances, prevents the transfer of evidence gathered in criminal or administrative (i.e. cases involving the state) cases to investigators or courts overseas.

Advocat Charles Simon of the Paris bar explains why this came about and how it works in practice.

CoNet Section: 

Farming partnership B A L Ackroyd has been sentenced for safety breaches, following a fatal incident involving a telescopic front loader, bales of hay and a former employee.

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It was announced yesterday that IndiGo, a large budget carrier in India is expanding its fleet with an additional 300 Airbus A320 Neos with a headline price of USD33,000 million. IndiGo has, unlike several of its competitors, not gone out of business. But it is under the cosh precisely because it flies A320 Neos.

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When Valtteri Bottas pulled his car up to the pole position sign in the middle of the track at the Circuit of the Americas yesterday at the end of Qualifying for the 2019 US Grand Prix, there was no celebration as his crew walked around his car and prepared to push it away. After the interviews, he was left to walk back to the garage as an entirely solitary figure. Today, wasn't any better, despite him winning the race.

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OpenOffice.Org has some presets that can be extremely annoying. What's worse is that while it's easy to undo them on a case by case basis, to find out how to globally remove the preset is often very illogical.

For example, if one types _________ as, say, a divider between paragraphs, or to signify the end of a document, OpenOffice.org assumes that you want a full-page-width line.

What if you don't?

But the same facility that causes annoyance can also be set to save you lots of effort.

If you've ever visited a UK government website to make any kind of application, you've been met with the worst example of both process and design. But the UK Government is not alone - any process is designed by people who already know how to use it, so they assume everyone knows the same. Wouldn't it be nice if someone spent time looking at both the process and the forms and made them work for people who are visiting for the first time and know nothing except the objective they hope to achieve.

Well, someone did: Turkey's eVisa scheme is a model that, every company and government process and form designer should visit and learn from.

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New professional standards for barristers in England and Wales - are they a reminder of long-established principles or a gag?

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There's more than USD2,000 million in moneys clawed back from fraudulent deals.

Oh, wait. It's a spam-scam. And it wants you to send your identification documents "via" a telephone number. Genius.

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Don't say that: 

Don't say "accredited" when you mean "credited." We found this error in a financial document.

Do say this: 

Do say "credited" when you mean money has been added to an account.

Grab (a car booking service) has just added photo (aka facial) recognition to its app.

It just took me five minutes for it to take a photo it was happy with.

I'm not.

It all looks so viable: Henry Golding, the star of the fantastically successful film "Crazy Rich Asians", in an interview with the very credible Singapore newspaper The Straits Times, says he's making shed loads of money in an automated trading scheme endorsed by, amongst others, Bill Gates. And it's floated around LinkedIn for a while. We took a look.

FCRO Subsection: 

I've often been vocal in my criticism of Lazada.com's service. For years it's been terrible in every possible direction.

But not now. A remarkable turnaround in many aspects of the business has created a level of service that is, quite simply, the equal of the dominant force, Amazon.com.

CoNet Section: 

What a difference a week makes. Formula One had barely had time to clear out of the Paddock at the Suzuka circuit when MotoGP were setting up not too far away at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit. But the weather made an appearance at both events, causing less trouble for the bikes but still enough to, in effect, nullify Saturday's practice sessions. But that wasn't the problem. Marquez having won his eighth world championship at the previous round, the Thai Grand Prix, even though there are several more coronets to collect, once the big one has gone, there seems to be more than a little desperation for the commentators trying to keep interest alive. No problem, you might say: the racing will do that. Er.. no.

CoNet Section: 

A financial adviser has closed its "artificial intelligence" driven advisory system. The quality of advice and the supervision of the system were both causes for concern by the regulator in a landmark case about the deployment of computer-driven, what used to be called "expert", systems with implications across the entire spectrum of financial and other services including customer due diligence in relation to financial crime risk management. It's a potential game-changer for the rapid rise of lightly regulated fintechs.

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