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Thought of the Day

published by Emirates NDB (bank) and Emirates Police. Copyright 2019.

If we lost this place, we would lose the essence of Formula One
- Lewis Hamilton on the risk that Silverstone would be lost to F1. Several hours later, it was announced that the race is safe until at least 2024.

A week away for a string of public holidays here in KL and it seemed churlish not to take off the odd days that weren't. A look down my LinkedIn feed over the first coffee of the week and I am taken by surprise by... nothing. Hamster, meet wheel. Fads and fashion and renaming long established stuff doesn't make it news. What's worse is the constant repetition of the same stories where only the names have been changed proves one thing: the Financial Crime Industry has spent a quarter of a century bludgeoning people with information but it hasn't worked."

-- Nigel Morris-Cotterill

James Yang - from the Lost and Found Sessions - Wolves (English version). Play Loud.

Headlines: same newspaper, two days apart. Screengrab from Google.

Say what?

- USA Social Security Administration - Benefits Planner - 25 March 2019

Following two fatal crashes the following countries have banned Boeing 737 800 MAX aircraft from operating in or over their airspaceor ordered carriers registered in the country to ground any B738 800 MAX aircraft they operate.

The UK, China, the European Union, Singapore and Australia.
Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and New Zealand.
Turkey, France, Germany, Ireland, South Korea and Mongolia
Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman and UAE

In addition a number of airlines from all over the world have voluntarily grounded their fleet.

"I wrote this song,Perfect Day,for my grandfather. It's about the last day we spent together,where we drove to the seaside,chatting,laughing and reminiscing. " James Yang 楊永聰

The Treasury Department does not expect U.S financial institutions to take the European Commission’s list into account in their AML/CFT policies and procedures.

-- US Treasury Statement 13 February 2019

20 December 2018

We wish all of our subscribers and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We are taking a break until 3rd January - or so it will seem. What we are actually doing is suspending publication of editorial while we do some major work on the back-end of the platform. For the past three years or so, we've been in beta testing and now (we think) we've got everything working properly and we can, finally, launch the full site with all the features we've been developing all that time.

GlobalKYC.com will continue to function normally: you can sign up and post details of freezing, seizing, confiscation and arrest (marine and aviation) orders and they will appear as usual. And of course, the new Suspicious Crypto-Asset Register will remain open: we expect a huge increase in the number of frauds and extortion attempts using crypt-asset accounts from now until after Chinese New Year (early February).

You'll notice some changes happening during the editorial hiatus while we turn on various functions and services and, also, make changes to presentation, move things around and so on.

Once we come back, we'll be a full-service website with sections for a general readership, specialised professional areas (including financial crime) and crowdsourced KYC information.

We look forward to seeing you on 2nd January.

This is the man who is making Brexit difficult: Jean-Claude Junker, President of the EU

James Yang Yong Cong stars and sings in this mini-programme which is actually a long advert for Dark Rose by Kate Tokyo, make up.

"At any given time, we are also working on some 700 live CT investigations involving around 3,000 individuals and this record level of activity shows no sign of abating."

-- Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing, UK Counter-Terrorism Policing.




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