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Thought of the Day

It's easier to confuse a jury than to convince a judge

- Law and Order (TV programme) proving that truths are to be found in the most unlikely places.

Happy Easter for tomorrow, everyone.

I know that for many people, Easter is all about bonnets, bunnies and chocolate eggs. The importance of the day for Christians has been diminished by the idea of parades and egg hunts in the gardens. But it's much more than that, regardless of one's race, religion or creed.

The fact is that, for Christians, Easter Sunday is much more important than Christmas. That is why it is often celebrated in a much more downbeat manner. It is a time of serious reflection. For Christians, it's a time to re-dedicate their lives to God. All religions have such a festival, this one just happens to be for Christians. But its message is truly universal.

The message of Easter is often lost by the focus on the magical (or miraculous depending on the terminology) of the whole returning from the dead, rolling away the stone, ascending to heaven in a beam of light, thing. In fact, let's take it as a parable not history. And then it doesn't matter if you are Muslim, Hindu, Jew or any other religion - the message of Easter is as important for you as it is for Christians.

Let's put all of that mysticism on one side for a moment. What Easter is really all about is this: no matter how fouled up your life, no matter what weight you are labouring under (the "cross you have to bear" in biblical terms), no matter what is being done to you, one day you will be free of all that misery, suffering and pain and, just when you thought it was all too much to deal with, when you give up, when you want to lie in a hole and pull the earth in over you, that it's true - it is darkest before the dawn, and there will once more be light, you will be able to rise above it and to find your way to happiness. All you have to do is believe and it will come true, even if you have to change your wishes for the future.

I don't care what religion anyone follows, pick any of them apart and the core is the same anyway - it's the will of man that creates divisions between religions and even sects of the same religions. The law of God is the same for all men (including those who claim atheism - the rules and consequences are the same).

The true message of Easter is not about the precise details of the story. It is a story of success not of defeat.

And it's about you, your hopes, wishes and dreams and how, even when everything seems hopeless, one day you (we) will rise above it.

From Starfish and me, a Happy Easter - whatever you call God and however you worship Him.

- Jefferson Galt, Easter 2015, http://www.jeffersongalt.com/a...

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
- William Shakespeare - Twelfth Night

throughout the global financial crisis in late August 2007 through early 2009, as a result of instructions from Barclays’ senior management, the Bank routinely made artificially low LIBOR submissions to protect Barclays’ reputation
- US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, 2012

"Action is eloquence"
- William Shakespeare - Coriolanus

The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad.

- Salvador Dali

"We are urgently investigating illegal and unauthorised access to the personal data of some of our customers."

Wonga UK, a loans company, after finding a massive data breach affecting UK and some overseas customers

'It is a reality I'm afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things.

-- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, September 2016. In May 2017, a terrorist attack took place at the Houses of Parliament in London after which his "terrorism is part and parcel of big city living" (paraphrased) speech was ridiculed.

Don't think outside the box, deny there's a box

Nigel Morris-Cotterill www.countermoneylaundering.com

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong."

US Senator John McCain pushing the Federal Reserves fiction - less than 24 hours later Lehmann Brothers collapsed making it impossible for the lies to continue.

I used to think that nothing we learn is wasted. Now I know that the greatest waste is to learn but to ignore the lesson, to make the same mistakes again .. and again.. and again, like watching a replay on TV and expecting something different to happen. Of course, it won't.

- Jefferson Galt

It takes four months from the time the World Food Programme receives funds until food reaches the country and into the hands of families in need.

- World Food Programme on the looming famine across Africa.

"I made it to the semi-final [of So You Think You Can Dance]. But then I was told that I couldn’t win, because as a Palestinian I have no nationality."
- Ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh.