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There are two questions to ask about the Solicitors' Regulatory Authority's action in relation to solicitors company Asons: the first is whether it was a "South Korea" moment - where there were so many questions, that they had no choice and secondly, if those questions had merit, how has it taken so long? The bottom line is that suspicious activity and behaviour was utterly rife: why do regulators adopt a lower standard in this area than they expect those they supervise to adopt in relation to money laundering?

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A firm of solicitors which came to prominence because of its owner's predilection for fast cars, big tax demands, grand expansion plans and a secretive grant from taxpayer's funds (see story) is back in the news, this time for "falsely and systematically" overcharging claims for costs in personal injury (PI) cases.

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There's an interesting story developing in the UK about the making of a grant from local taxpayer's money to a distressed law corporation (it's not a firm, despite the use of the term in the reporting). There are swirls of questions surrounding the entire subject