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An Israeli software company, LawGeex, has released a report which it says establishes the principle that its software can analyse contracts faster and more accurately (and therefore much cheaper) than lawyers specialising in the specific field under review. Using the trendy tags "artificial intelligence" and "deep learning," the methodology of the test and its results show good reason for lawyers to think the future might be about to become ultra-tough. Or provide new opportunities to improve revenue per junior fee earner.

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Do the terms of access to your company's website contain provisions as to what may be accessed and for what purposes? Do you, for example, point out that domain names and e-mail addresses are terms of art and therefore protected under copyright legislation? Do you say that, as a result, harvesting that data, and other information that may be subject to data protection, is illegal? Do you say that anyone who accesses your website intending to breach the terms of access is unauthorised and that unauthorised access is a criminal offence?

Meet Raj Yadav. He wants you to pay him to do all of those things. If you use him, or his company, then you are conspiring to commit those offences and, even though he's apparently in a jurisdiction where he might be difficult to reach, the chances are you are not. Now: where did your latest mailing list data come from?

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