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identity fraud

Case Summary: 

Two members of staff at a driving and vehicle licensing office has have pleaded guilty to taking bribes to issue commercial driving licences to persons who had not passed the relevant driving tests. Although little is made of this part of the case, it is noticeable that it involved lawful access to computer systems for illegal purposes.

I don't have a Facebook account, or at least I wouldn't have one if Facebook didn't adopt a fascist approach to me and my data and refuse to let me close the one I stupidly opened several years ago.

But they won't leave me alone, says Nigel Morris-Cotterill

CoNet Section: 

The stories of people using genuine documents with false details are legion. But this one has a twist, as they say in TV land.

The value of client data is demonstrated by the case of a San Jose law firm. A clerk stole data and used it to forge credit applications. And it was not the only professional business targeted.

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