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Case Summary: 

Intra-community crime is a particular problem amongst migrant groups who trust those of a similar background who have already arrived and, seemingly, made some success in their chosen destination. All too often, unfortunately, the new arrivals fall into the hands of fraudsters and, even, organised crime gangs. In California, where Mexicans are a significant immigrant group, the pickings can be lucrative. But they don't always get away with it.

Type of conduct: 
Consumer fraud

The English High Court has named four solicitors who have fallen foul of the Court's requirements when issuing immigration appeals.

CoNet Section: 

An administrative Court in the UK has issued a warning to solicitors that it will require the attendance before it of the solicitor having conduct of a case plus the senior partner of the firm to give an explanation as to why applications are made late, are incomplete or have no merit - and, if it is not satisfied with the explanation - to publicly name them.

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