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If the current state of affairs in Italian politics were to be in any other country, it would be a national, even regional and, perhaps even, global crisis. But it's not. In Italy politics is so bizarre that even a Gallic shrug, a Malaysian "it's Malaysia" or a Japanese polite turning away would be over-reactions.

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In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, it was shortly after 5 a.m. on 10 May. The call for prayers from the mosques in the Pudu area of the city was unusually loud and sounded somehow lighter than usual. There were car horns blasting in the city's streets. Two hours later, all is quiet. There are the usual sounds of trains running, traffic passing and birds twittering as they hunt insects high above the ground. Monkeys chatter in the trees and today has become normal. Except it isn't.

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For much of the past two weeks, BBC News has heavily featured criticism of British Labour Party and Prime Ministerial hopeful Jeremy Corbyn. The criticism has been orchestrated by some British Jews who claim that he, and some of his party, are, in their words, "anti-Semitic." The primary concern is not the treatment of Jews in the UK, but Corbyn's long and loud protests against Israel's behaviour in Palestine. Right-wing, one might argue radical, Jews in the UK are incensed. The BBC willingly provides a megaphone for them. So why has the BBC been almost silent on the subject in the past three days?

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It's easy to criticise the British Empire - it did some very bad things. However, it also did something very good things: it is the only colonial power in recent times to have left behind a solid template for good government. What countries have done with it in the, often, half-a-century or more since is their own fault. At the heart of the system is full and fair democracy, universal suffrage, the Rule of Law and, most important for good governance, the separation of powers between Church and State and between Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary. A most distressing case before the English High Court two weeks ago for which the approved judgment was published yesterday proves why that model is so valuable.


For those that don't recognise the name, Elizabeth Warren is a US Senator representing the state of Massachusetts but she was born in Oklahoma. Warren is a member of the Democratic Party and has been dubbed "a progressive." She claims historical links to the Cherokee Indian tribal group and says she is part Cherokee. That's in doubt.

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World Money Laundering Report vol 15 no 6 In this issue:
Political Correction, the rise of the centre

Default settings: Suspicion, PEPs and government linked money

Unintended Consequences: the FATF's criticism of the USA demonstrates a shift in power


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A long article in the New York Times this week is headlined "Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It." The premise is simple: Sanders is not Jewish enough, or not overtly Jewish enough, for those Jews who want all Jews to wear a metaphorical yellow star. But it's not only Jews and it's not only Americans who want their politicians to put their religion front and centre - and to define a country with reference to the criteria set by those same outspoken groups. Are we seeing the death of the separation of Church and State?

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