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A report in The Law Society's Gazette about a male Judge's comments to a women's group meeting has raised the hackles of working men in the solicitor's branch in England and Wales. So who is to blame? The judge for making the comments that can be rightly regarded as sexist or the Law Society which after decades of being "right on" or whatever the current phrase may have finally gone too far in its apparent approval of the Judge's comments? Or perhaps both.,

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Michaelia Cash is Australia's Women's Minister. She is known for speaking in a, well, let's say, forceful manner. But yesterday, during a routine press conference about employment figures, she was asked to comment on a video produced by a Muslim group in Australia which says violence by women is acceptable. Cash went loopy.

Let me make it very, very clear to all Australians: it is not alright to hit a woman in Australia. We have one law and that law prohibits violence against women. We all get to comply with that law.

So, Australia says that it is a secular society to which all religions must submit. That's not going to go down well with some.

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IKEA has long exercised passive discrimination against those who choose to go shopping alone, with awkward trolleys, complex routes to car parks after check-out and even barriers to prevent solo-shoppers taking their purchase-laden trolleys to their cars, having to leave the trolley unattended while the car is found in an often large car park and brought back to the door. Recently, the company introduced another form of discrimination: this time against women, parents with children, the aged, infirm and disabled.

Mr Hiroshi Nakaso, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan spoke at the Japan Society in New York, New York City on the 12 February 2016. He says that his primary goal is to overcome deflation and that this can be done by increasing the both the demand and the supply side of the economy, in particular by encouraging more women into the workforce. It works in Sweden, he says. He also wants all fit and healthy elderly people to work.

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