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We've all done it: when recording to a video camera without any level indicator, we've finished and found out that the volume is too quiet.

There are lots of online services that say they do this - but they come with tiny sample tests that have a watermark or a monthly subscription.

What if you have one, 20 minute or so, video you want to fix. It's surprisingly easy (but possibly a little daunting) for Linux users.

USA regulator FINRA says "The SEC's Regulation M is designed to prevent manipulation by individuals with an interest in the outcome of an offering, and prohibits activities and conduct that could artificially influence the market for an offered security."

The decision, says the SEC, fulfils the desire of Congress after the 2008 (sic) financial crisis to reduce reliance on the primary credit reference agencies.

The notice will be published in the Federal Register and will come into force 60 days thereafter.

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Jinisha Bhatt is an independent crypto compliance consultant and a human trafficking researcher.

She will speak at The Financial Crime Forum Online on 24 May, 2023.

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Advisor, author, commentator and troublemaker of The Finanser will speak at The Financial Crime Forum Online on 24th May 2023.

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An AppImage is a program in a file that does not require installation. So you probably won't find it in most of the package managers. It has no dependencies, for example. So you can just put it on your desktop and launch it from there. Except for one small problem. AppImage files cannot be executed.

How do you make an AppImage file executable? Here's how.

Failure to Prevent" laws are not new and nor is the concept behind them. But they are increasingly important for Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Officers and Internal Auditors.

To explain the concepts in the "Failure to Prevent" series of Financial Crime Fora, Nigel Morris-Cotterill will present a one-hour talk on Tuesday 25th April, 2023.

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Nigel Morris-Cotterill

An American President is concerned about what his intelligence and political advisers are telling him are the increasing threats to US sovereignty and even existence from several countries and some are in favour of a nuclear option. So PoTUS turns to the internet for guidance.

So, that's done. The Financial Crime Forum for those thinking about joining financial crime risk and compliance and those at an early stage in their careers just wrapped up. Thanks to our speakers and to all those that attended.

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Are you new to financial crime risk and compliance? Do you fancy it as your first or next job? Do you want to enhance your career?

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Many internet hosts allow you to choose your PHP version. This might seem a daft idea but it's very useful because different versions of self-hosted platforms run on different versions of PHP.

But what happens when you set your PHP to one version but Composer sees a different one?

Having ordered the closure of Silicon Valley Bank in the USA, FDIC has created "Deposit Insurance National Bank of Santa Clara" to which depositors' funds will be transferred - so long as they are insured.

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There are news reports that some USD58,000 million was "wiped off" the share value of the USA's four biggest banks as soon as trading started today.

This matters to you.

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ASIC has taken court action against Green County Pty Ltd and Max Funding Pty Ltd for alleged unlicensed credit activity and other breaches of consumer credit laws.

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In the film, The Transporter, there are several rules for using the courier service Jason Statham offers. One is "Don't open the package."

In this utterly ridiculous spam-scam, someone using a gmail address that Google should be required to verify rights to but chooses not to, is pretending to be a courier - and to know what's in the package. The silly thing is that even if he was a courier and even if he did open the package he would not know the information upon which the fraud is predicated.

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