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Coinbase and PayPal used as hooks in spam-scam.

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It's headed "Thanks for shopping"

It claims to be from PayPal Billing - with the address grant5978gol@gmail.com

But it's got information (albeit wrong) that suggests at least some knowledge of our company.

Body of message:

You sent a Payment of $590.00 to Coinbase Inc.
[no, we didn't]

Dear Ms [there's a name. It's made up of a misspelling of the name of someone who left a decade ago and the surname of someone who is still here - and it's not the name that the mail was sent to]

Billing Support: 18335792827

Date: Nov 09 2021

Invoice ID 407-0353423-8829376

We would like to inform you about your recent purchase of $590.00.This
charge would appear on your statement as PAYPAL*C0INBASE within 24 hours.

[note that "Coinbase" has been rendered as "C0inbase" i.e. with a zero instead of an O. This is to defeat searches and, even, spam filters.]

Delivery Information: Online Delivery

Ms [same name which, obviously, doesn't have a PayPal account or a credit card attached to it.]

Payment Method: PayPal Credit
Amount: $590

Merchant Information

Coinbase Inc.

Buy Exchange Rate 1 BTC = $65847.90
[that's not far off the rate yesterday when the supposed purchase happened, according to Coindesk.
0.008504 BTC (Bitcoins)
Transaction Fees
Total Amount

In case, you did not make this payment please call our billing support at
18335792827 (Toll Free) to cancel. For cancellation or to
make any changes or for any other issues contact the above mentioned support

[the number reverse searches to "unknown" which suggests that the purpose of this spam-scam is to get victims on the phone so as to get information to drain their bank accounts and similar frauds. ]


PayPal Billing: 18335792827

[no - still not a PayPal number]

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