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Fake compliance notice fraud

BIScom Subsection: 
Editorial Staff

Sorry, idiot. If you are going to try to scam us, at least don't make it clear right from the outset that it's a fraud.

Note: the spammer appears to have accessed the mail servers of hairandhounds.co.uk at Rackspace: "hareandhounds.co.uk designates as permitted sender"

The mail is in rich text / html (another good reason why ALL incoming mail should be received in plain text only to prevent automated actions within HTML).

Subject: Compliance

Dear Sir/Madam,
Attached transactions dated July 30, 2019 are held for compliance reasons, confirm if they were duly processed from your end.Best Regards,   

ABDINASIR MOHAMUD ABDILLAH Customer Relationship Officer Xpress Money Services Ltd. | 8th Floor, Al Ameri Building TECOMOpp. Grand Millenium Hotel, P.O. Box 643996, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE t: +971 2 5102222 | m: +91 9387085065e xm.support@xpressmoney.com [Links to mailto:xm.support@xpressmoney.... to http://www.xpressmoney.com/]

The mail did not contain any attachment.


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