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Here's a disturbing spam we've not seen before

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Editorial Staff

This morning's crop of overnight spam that made it through the preliminary filters arrived via a contact form relating to this very site. Ordinarily, form spams are either destroyed or reported on, partly because, even using bots, the scams that get through the anti-spam systems on the forms are a cut above the junk that comes in by mail and, often, present new - or at least new to us - threats. This one is carefully crafted, almost as if it's been revised several times to get it right. And, if it were to hit its intended target - investment businesses - it would at least cause a costly waste of time. But only time because, good as it is, it suffers from a significant flaw.

The submitted information is as follows:

Salutation: Mr.
Your Christian or first name: Javier
Your surname: Hernandez
Your e-mail address: javier.hernandez@valtai.es
Your company: VALTAI
Your company's business area: VALTAU
Country: Spain
Which business area are you enquiring about? : Please Be Informed.com -
Financial Crime Division including World Money Laundering Report
Your enquiry:
My name is Javier Hernandez, Joshua Desing and built Ltd, Joshua Development
Ltd, Solid Capital and AXE invest client,

I have been greatly affected by your company,

I have done my research and spoken out the situation with my bank and it is
clear that you have not done anything to invest my money,
You are not licensed (and therefore not able) to trade in the products that
you advertise and it is clear to me that you have simply taken my money.

I am offering you, to negotiate with me to get my money refunded to my
account before I take further action to retrieve the funds through
chargebacks, legal counsel and complaints to the regulatory financial
authorities including your PSPs and your Acquiring Banks.

This is your chance to agree to a settlement to resolve this matter to my

If I do not hear from you within 7 days, I will have no choice, but to
assume, that you are not interested in resolving this and I will request that
you cancel my account immediately and I will then proceed to get my full
funds returned.

Please contact me through email only.

I accept the legal and privacy terms: I accept the legal and privacy terms
Submission date / time: Thursday, 4 June, 2020 - 20:12

Submission address:


It's good. The English is exactly what we would expect to see from an educated Spaniard writing in his second or, perhaps third, language.

The threats are well structured. They are measured, not in any way like the hysterical rants of the sextortion brigade. And he uses English, not American - see "I have been greatly affected by your company" - American speakers would have said "impacted." This reinforces the idea that he's not one of the usual spam outfits.

There is a demand but no amount is mentioned and, in particular, there is no demand for payment in a crypto-currency.

Exactly what money he alleges he has deposited and why is vague which is an interesting tactic because it leaves the way open for a much wider audience to be affected.

But, of course, we are not an investment company, we do no investment business, we have no business relationship with anyone called called Javier Hernandez and never, so far as a quick check of records shows never have had.

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