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Another country tells websites to stop using Google Analytics.

Nigel Morris-Co...

Several weeks, ago, Austria declared Google Analytics to be non-compliant with its data protection legislation.

Now France has followed suit.

A couple of weeks ago, Matomo issued a statement about Austria's decision that Google Analytics does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. Below is a link to a second article saying that France has reached the same conclusion.

This is important because GDPR is required in EU countries (and, for the time being, the UK) as a result of a Directive. Under Directives, member states must pass and implement domestic law consistent with the Directive.

The EU is not a country. There is no central data protection registry and no centralised enforcement. Thus it is up to individual states to reach their own conclusions about e.g. #googleanalytics .

Once a designated GDPR regulator reaches the conclusion that the product is in breach of GDPR, its use becomes (there is uncertainty over the precise position) illegal or unlawful. Whichever it is, any action is taken not against Google but against website owners.

It is too early to say whether there will be a widespread domino effect but it is not too early to start planning for alternatives.

Given that the GDPR has been the underlying model for data protection laws in many non-EU countries, this subject has now become an imperative for those who, because they operate websites, are registered for data protection purposes, or should be.


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