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Another salvo in the battle against Facebook's intrusions

Editorial Staff

It's taken a while but Facebook has faked concern over the TimeLine debacle - basically it now has a three column layout: the stuff you want to post; the stuff FB wants to publicise about you and the stuff others want to pester you with. Firefox users have had some fixes but this one is the best yet.

QCLean removes ads from the right hand column - unlike some other add-ons, this seems to do it for all pages, not only the user's own page.

And reports are that it is equally successful in removing FB's "suggestions" - which are really just ads that FB hopes users will send viral. But our own team hasn't had any for a while - which may be as a result of our guerrilla tactic of marking each and every one of them as spam. Which, so far as we are concerned, they are.




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