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The answer is "No. Get lost." Now what was the question?

Nigel Morris-Co...

I get it. India has more than 1,000 million people and lots of them work in some IT related job and they all have to earn a living. But, why do they all have to plunder our details from domain name registrations and send us offers for their services. Do they not realise that there are hundreds, literally hundreds, of them doing that every single day.

So, being if not nice at least not nasty, we just delete them and block their domains.

But here's the really annoying thing: so as to avoid their own e-mail filling up with unsolicited mail, mostly they don't send from their own addresses: they send from e.g. outlook.com or gmail.com.

This one says "you won't even notice we are in another country." Well, yes, we will, partly because their English isn't the same as our English. For example, where on any of our websites would you find a phrase like "I have best offer you"?

But that's not even the most annoying thing: this "business consultant" appears to be nothing more than a service consolidator. After all, the list of services he claims to provide is so extensive that the chances of one business doing them all, unless it's a major consultancy, is zero. And, of course, he offers the much derided "SEO services."

That's the second most annoying thing: the most annoying thing is that, when I was nice-ish and simply deleted his first UCE, he didn't take silence as an answer and he wrote again.




Would you please tell me whether you received my last email or not? Please let me know so that I can update you further.

Would you like to discuss a Redesign/Re-Development of your website, SEO, Mobile Apps then I can send you our Portfolio/Packages/Company information and time frame. I have best offer you.

Your reply will be highly appreciated.


From: Pooja Singh

Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2018 8:47:59 AM

Subject: web design web development Mobile Apps Creation!


My Name is Pooja Singh (Business Consultant).

I found your web contact email from internet. I would like to discuss a business opportunity with you.

We are an India based CMMi Level 3 Website development company with a primary focus on Website.

Offering the services like-

1 - Web Design
2 - Web Development
3 - E-Commerce
4 - Graphic Design
5 - Logo Design
6 - Website Revamping
7 - PHP
9 - SEO Services
10 - PPC Services
11 - Jquery
12 - Java
13 - Mobile Apps Development

Our design team can work closely with you as part of your marketing staff and we can assure you - you won’t even notice we are in another country.

If you have any requirement, please revert with "query and contact number".

Look forward to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Pooja Singh

Business Consultant


No. And for the record: just because you use English words doesn't mean you are speaking English. This cringe-worthy style of writing guarantees the mail ends up in the bin - or here, getting the p... taken out of it.

Thankfully, there are moves to protect domain registration information in the hands of ICANN. As an American organisation, it's fundamentally unimpressed that it's being told what it can and cannot do in relation to those in the EU who register domains but it's recognising that times are changing and American ideas of total lack of privacy cannot be foisted on the rest of the world. If ICANN does protect the information of registrants, this kind of harassment will be significantly reduced.