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#barbergate - #lockdown - #politicians

Peter Lee

While the world is in lockdown and many if not most countries have ordered the closure of barbers' shops and hairdressers' salons, there is something strange.

As a general rule, we are becoming increasingly shaggy, in some cases having waited three months for a haircut.

For many raging locks have resulted in a helmet haircut as fringes get trimmed so that we can see out but good sense says not to try to sort out the back.

Yet some people seem to be immune. Every day on TV and in print and online media politicians (with the notable exception of Boris Johnson, the UK's Prime Minister) appear perfectly coiffed with hair that has remained the same length as when this whole thing started.

With travel restrictions indicating that home visits should be banned - and in some countries such as Malaysia express official statements to that effect - the question arises - how do they manage it? And who is doing their nails?

It's hardly in the Dominic Cummings scale of cheating on the public health restrictions - or is it?

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