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"Barrister" was compulsive liar - judge

Editorial Staff

Ian Clegg may or may not have started studying a law degree - but he never graduated and never went to law school nor did he ever complete pupillage. But that didn't stop his ambitions to be an advocate.

Clegg, 32 from Middlesbrough in North East England bought the "togs" that barristers wear and told people he was qualified to appear for them in Court. He made a number of appearances, and claimed costs.

That's a criminal offence and yesterday he was convicted of two charges of impersonating a barrister.

He was jailed for two years and made the subject of an "Anti Social Behaviour Order" which is usually aimed at teenagers who commit offences such as stealing cars.

The Judge said "I am satisfied that you are a compulsive liar and that you wanted to appear more important than you are and that's your primary motive rather than trying to feather your own nest."