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Brainless spammer: trixologyvapors.com

Editorial Staff

We can do no more than post the content of three spams that arrived in five minutes and urge readers to block the domain trixologyvapors.com to prevent this hyperactive spammer's material reaching staff.


*****, payout pending

If you cannot see this email please click here (there is no link)

You have received ($ 23.263,5)

Have it on your account today!

Invitation for: [information removed]

You have received $23.263,5 have been added to your

active crypto account on 21-04-2018

Dear *****,

Thank you for signing up! As a starting trading we understand that you need money to make it. We are here to help, we have funded your trading account with enough to get you back on your feet!

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Would you like to have assistance on how to grow this amount further? Visit the website and sign up and one of our agents will be in touch!

This is a personal invitation for: ***** (it does actually have the asterixes)

Account: [detail removed]

This invitation will expire on 21-04-2018

Sign up here
> Create new account <
As a token of our appreciation for your efforts in December we have funded your online trading account. Visit the website and follow the instructions to redeem your account.

This message was sent to .... from bounceback@trixologyvapors.com
To remove yourself from this mailing list click here (there was no link)

So, not only is it an obvious scam, it's also a failure in terms of getting people onto a link. However, it does harvest dead e-mail addresses which can be removed to reduce the load on its server in future. IP address



*****, RE: Are you still available

If you cannot see this email please click here
Dear *****, (yes, it really is a line of stars)

I would first like to apologize for sending the same email twice.

My colleague Jenni recently told you that she would go on holiday and that I will continue the conversation. As you know, it's a circus at the moment at the office..
To come to business, I would like to point an interesting opportunity to you.

Jenni has tried to contact you several times but unfortunately she did not succeed. That's why I try it one more time.

When you have time view this presentation, fill in your number on the form and I will call you directly for this unique opportunity.

What we offer:

- Flexible working hours
- Average monthly salary of 4800 net
- Personalized bonus system
- Work from home

You are still our primary candidate for this amazing job. We will contact you as soon as possible to review and explain the details.

I would like to refer you to the registration page with this link, where you will also see the entire story and the vacancy.

View this unique opportunity


John Libermann
Online vacancy controller
This message was sent to [detail removed] from bounceback@trixologyvapors.com
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Never heard of Jenny, nor John Liberman (which is presumably a spelling mistake)

IP address

3. FWD: Bitcoin payout

If you cannot see this email please click here

Bitcoin Wallet BTC

On 04/18/2018 you own 3 BTC (40.740,49 USD)

Dear ,

My sincerest apologies for not being able to get in touch with you earlier. I hope to have finally found your active email address.

The reason that i have been trying to contact you is the following: You have 3 BTC with a value of 40 740,49 USD currently in your BTC wallet. Would you like to look at an opportunity to increase your bitcoin wallet?

The total amount equals: 3 Bitcoin (BTC) value on 04/18/2018 40 740,49 USD

Register within 24h and confirm your Bitcoins before they are forfeited.

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In order to secure your profits of your bitcoin, Register on this website. Be sure to sign up with the following email address: [ ]

You will be redirected to our website, follow the instructions to get access to your share of profit. Please be sure to enter your correct details.

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Louis Anderson
Finance department


Tel: 0044 773299 22
Linkedin: L_anderson [this profile does not exist]
Meet us at the crypto currency conference in London in October!


Please consider the environment before printing this email

[no links]
This message was sent to [ ] from bounceback@trixologyvapors.com
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