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A couple of dimwits try out frauds

Editorial Staff

There are, it seems, almost no limits to how dumb internet fraudsters can be. In these two examples, the most dimwitted are at their hilarious best. (update: three examples)

. He's definitely not a solicitor!

From Solicitor Martinez (hartnett at aol.com

Reply to lawyermartinez@yahoo.co.uk

To undisclosed recipients

Subject: I am Solicitor Martinez Rogers a registered lawyer in Uk My client a High Net-worth individual seeks your joint venture partner for 10-20 years to manage his Bnk Guarantee investment of USD 200M only Call me on +44 2070609596 should you be ready to work with my client


None - the idiot pasted the entire body of the message into the subject line.


2. Someone is giving you a (telephone) line

From nokia20123@mail.com reply to Nokia643@live.com To named target

Subject: You Have Won 320,000.00 GBP


You have won 320,000.00 GBPounds and E-& Phone in the NOKIA 2012 Promo to claim your prize, contact our assigned claim administrator

Mr. Daniel Harrison

at NOKIA643@LIVE.COM with your name and number.


Mrs Sarah Colen

Comment: This is a replica of one of the very earliest 419 scams from at least 20 years ago. And it's been bouncing around, in various guises, ever since. We've seen a huge increase in scams and spams using the live.com e-mail address in recent months, particularly in comment spam on our other websites. So much so that we now ban Live.Com addresses from registration on those sites.


3. Obviously the idiot who put the entire body of the e-mail into the subject line hasn't noticed that this is happening because, on 1 November, he sent out another e-mail with a totally different wording, also in the subject. But this time it was too long to fit!

sender: Liz Davies - hartnett@aol.com

reply to - camelot@e-mail.ua

Subject: YOU HAVE WON 1.1m Pounds Sterling Keeping in touch with you At Camelot UK Lotteries Limited we like to keep in touch with winners and do not send unsolicited emails You have received this email because you are among our online winners as indicated above. if you are the bonafide owner of the email id

Body: empty