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English High Court blocks LHR runway three

Peter Lee

It's being claimed as a victory for climate change activists but it's far, far more than that.

Great news: while all the climate change people are celebrating, let's consider that a third runway at LHR isn't needed because there is sufficient capacity at other nearby airports.

What is needed is coordinated land transport and that means a fast (not HST2 fast) ring-rail system taking in LGW - LHR - LTN - STN and, maybe, MSE (Manston) (in that case instead of a stupid development scheme), is by far the best solution, especially if it uses spurs to e.g. MME (Teesside).

There's no need to add to the congestion that LHR causes over much of the South East and, if people could hop onto a shuttle on that ring-line at their nearest airport (and maybe at the Eurostar terminal in Ashford, there would be far less road movement around London's outskirts. And, of course, Manston and e.g. Teesside could become freight terminals and alleviate a massive amount of traffic in and around London with what would amount to a modern version of the post train, sorting and dropping off close to destination.

So, well done High Court: LHR Third Runway, blocked, at least for now.


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