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Fake SpamCop e-mail targets the unwary

Editorial Staff

A fraudulent e-mail headed "Alert! Your email will be blacklisted soon" and purporting to have been sent by an address at spamcop.com is circulating.

The mail is addressed to specific addresses and appears to have originated (because of the address that our copy arrived at) from an e-mail list in one of a handful of media organisations.

The body of the fraudulent e-mail is as follows:

Dear %email%, We received complaints about spam coming from your network. Spam bots are sending bulk emails, for the security reasons your email will be blacklisted. To avoid blacklisting please check your Sent folder for unknown emails and prove that you are human by entering this code 4925 here. Your email will be recorded and spam flag will be removed. No other data will be collected. Thank you for cooperation. SpamCOP SBL.

The fake landing page is at izoka.biz.