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Fraud / Security Alert: New spam-scam has high chance of success

Editorial Staff

A new form of spam-scam has come to our attention. We understand that this has not been widely seen before. Its nature is that it is likely that many receiving the email will click on links.

This is the full text, with links removed to prevent accidental clicking.

We have no idea what relevance the inclusion of the company name has except to seek credibility via the supposed confidentiality notice which, of course, is invalid due to the fraud.

However, the purported confidentiality notice contains phrases that may be used to identify this spam as it hits mailboxes and, therefore, filtered out at server level.


Subject: Service Removal Requested(24 Sep 2017) has initiated
Purportedly from [your domain name] email service providers
"sent from address" (may be spoofed) upretig@kecrpg.com
to [named recipient]@[domain name]
Fake landing page is hosted at investoclub[dot[com which is likely to be an innocent victim

Hi [here, the mail contains the part of the e-mail address before the @ sign]

Hi nigelmc,

*email addresst* removal from *domain name* server has been approved and initiated,

Due to ignorance of last verification warning.

Removal will occur in exactly 48 hours*(26 Sep 2017) * from now*(24 Sep 2017) *

We recommend that you do any of the below and protect your mailbox




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