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FYI: Anti moneylaundering scanner. Allegedly. Virus warning.

Editorial Staff

Even by the standards of spammers, we have to be impressed with the targeting of this outfit. antimoneylaundering.net has, this spammer claims, sent an e-mail to antimoneylaundering.net. That's our sister domain. That's not clever - lots of criminals do that. It's not even clever to put the name in the "from " - criminals and sales people do that. But to tie it to something that might actually be of genuine interest? That is clever or, at least, devious.

* Incoming 07/07/2020 07:34:04 pm*

From: Antimoneylaundering Scanner Device scanner@antimoneylaundering.net

BODY: *From:* Antimoneylaundering-Scanner

Attachments: 2 PNG files plus 1 HTML file. Deleted not viewed.

Received from mail-out.webreus.nl ([])
Webreus.net user ID 71541
X-Sender-Warning: srv040092.webreus.net has no MX records
X-SpamExperts-Class: virus
X-SpamExperts-Evidence: Sanesecurity.Malware.27098

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