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If you want to sell, use good English

Nigel Morris-Co...

It's incredible how many spammers (not, scammers) don't think that their standard of English reflects on the quality of work they might offer.

Below is an example of the many spam e-mails that find their way into our electronic shredder because we don't want to read them but, sometimes, it's worth looking to see how advertising is presented. This example is never, ever, going to get business from any business that requires professional standards of itself and its suppliers.

"Website re-design Proposal"


Hope you are doing well,

I was examining your website and found that the design layout is out dated as per current market standards and that is not good for your business as first impression is last impression. If you want we can

redesign or revamp your existing website.

Also not able to find your website on starting pages on Google however I can help you do better on your ranking for all search engines Like Yahoo, Bing and Google if you can give us permission. We are

the best service provider in optimisation in your area. We also offer the most competitive rates for this service!

Let me know if you are interested and we will send our company details as well as cost for our services.

Kind Regards

(Business Development Executive)

PS: I will happy to send the "Proposal" and "Pricing" further more.

Note: - If this is something you are interested, please respond to this email. If this is not your interest, don't worry, we will not email you again.


So, no. Not even no thank you. Just "no."

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