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LinkedIn's intelligence - real or artificial - doesn't work.

Editorial Staff

Incredibly, when you look up "The Anti Money Laundering Network," on LinkedIn, there is a list of employees - which is odd, because of those listed, only one, our Group Head, has ever worked for any of the companies in the Group. We are pretty sure that the individuals concerned have not claimed to have done so which leaves only one culprit.... LinkedIn itself.

The following persons are listed, by LinkedIn as having held positions with The Anti Money Laundering Network which is the holding company that ultimately owns PleaseBeInformed.com.

We are sure that they have not listed themselves in this way and that the fault lies with LinkedIn.

Chuck Taylor Senior Vice President, BSA Officer at City National Bank, JD, CAMS
Timothy White Banker's Toolbox Inc., BSA & OFAC Automation Specialist
Phineas Rameshvo Moloto Off-site Technical Advisor (based in South Africa) at Eastern and Southern Anti-Money Laundering Group
Mary Meile, CAMS Founder & President the AMLA Non-Profit
Wilfredo (Willy) Jauregui Vice President Of Services at FINANCIAL SERVICE & PAYMENT TRADING
Mohammad salauddin Media Professionals at Media Professionals Network

They might be as interested as our Group in exactly why LinkedIn thinks this is a good idea creating, as it does, the risk that these entirely innocent people might be regarded as presenting fake credentials.