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Media websites and unwarranted political comments

Editorial Staff

Today, FoxNews carries an article about badly behaved tourists being arrested during a pub crawl in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and a raucous pool party, some being accused of having pornographic images on their phones taken while participants, clothed, were "demonstrating" a variety of sex acts and positions in a villa rented for the night. But that's not the story that matters: what's important are the comments that appear, including comments that carry political messages that have no direct relation to the story, demonstrating that low-level trolling is at least as important as the bots attacking major social media websites.

More and more websites are closing their comments sections or heavily restricting who can post. "Crowd monitoring" is no longer regarded as sufficient by most respectable websites. When open posting is permitted, this is what happens:

StillOnTop678-- News Flash: Stupid things you do in your own country is illegal in some foreign countries and your parents can't bail you out there.
--- Great Jobu: Unless you're an illegal immigrant, errr DACA, making demands against America and it's people.


Bryanth: Doesn't anyone check the customs and sensitivities before traveling to another country anymore? Have a little respect, people! Don't expect your government to rescue you.
---- GreatJobu: Why? The Democrat Party and their beloved illegal immigrant invasion have taught a generation of young Westerners that you can disrespect a country and its culture with no consequences.
------ DumbPeople18: Oh no Liberals want everyone to subscribe to the global leftist movement


GreatJobu: Good lil' privileged, progressive, liberal "citizens of the world" trying to impose their culture on another country. They learned a lot from the Democrat Party's dealings with the illegal immigrants invading America.... alas, other countries are not as generous and accommodating as the foolish Americans are.


OCC77: These liberals are regretting their decision to party in a foreign country instead of going out and applying for a job. They have no idea how corrupt that country is. Their passports could be burned and they will be sold into slavery.


Matt666: Maybe respect the culture of the country you go to and people wouldn't get in trouble. Now this is a little extreme but remember your not home.
---- GreatJobu: Like the Democrat Party says, foreign invaders (ummmm, DACAs?) get to do whatever they want. No wonder these spoiled, entitled, progressive college students thought that Cambodia would swoon and be amazed at these Leftist "citizens of the world" blessing them with their antics.


MACvSOG1970: LOCK THEM UP ! ! ! They are NOT in their living rooms, they are in a foreign Country and you MUST respect that Country while you are visiting. Give them 30 days in prison and a $2000 fine, then kick them out forever.
---- Terryn Tech: They were fully clothed. This is not pornography in our country. They did not know it was pornography there. Especially since this is not a prudish country. It is a top sex tourism country featuring all manner of illegal sex, but pornography is illegal The city they are in has streets that if any man walks down them there will be hundreds of pubescent girls screaming for sex.


Trumpmaniac: I think that maybe we should be playing the same game with the people from these countries. But instead terrorists like Iran's leaders come to our country and get a warm welcome from the traitors on the left. Our people get jailed when abroad for silly or perceived slights.