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The most dumb-f**k marketing ever.

Editorial Staff

Here's a moron of the first order. You want to sell us financial services and then you put a demonstrable lie front and centre in your pitch.

Thanks for the best laugh of the morning, you idiot. And yes, your IP address has been blocked from our entire server system.

It's a form spam.

Submitted on Sunday, 1 March, 2020 - 17:42
Submitted by anonymous user:
Submitted values are:

Description: Miss
First or Christian name: Winifred
Surname: Winifred Hogue
Your email address : [this idiot made up an address containing our own domain name]
Your enquiry:
Your domain name financialcrimeriskandcompliancetraining.com [she put OUR domain name here. Cretin]
OFFER TERMINATION, This notice RUNS OUT ON: Mar 01, 2020.
[The message arrived during the evening of Sunday 1 March :) ]

* For info and also to make a optional settlement for
financialcrimeriskandcompliancetraining.com solutions by bank card or check,
Go to: [url redacted. Who knows what might be lurking behind the bit.ly address she gave.

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