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Oh, God. Another "modern slavery" story. Yes it is. Read it.

Nigel Morris-Co...

There are things that biased media push down our throats as they pretend independence but run a subversive agenda, from politics to social change. But there are some things that transcend the self-interest of media outlets, where the generally left-leaning press and politicians have got it absolutely right.

But while these instances are in family businesses, what about where children (by which we mean anyone under the age of majority) work alongside friends of the family or with extended family. For example, city kids visiting country relatives and wanting to join in as has happened for generations: I did. We had farming family: Depending on which far I went to, I worked in the dairy, mucked out pigs, picked fruit and dug up vegetables, heaved bales of hay onto a trailer, helped out at the market and even ploughed fields or drove the tractor at haymaking. And I started doing that when I was about 12. I didn't see it as work, I saw it as having fun, doing stuff I'd never do in my city environment and going home knackered and happy. I wasn't allowed to operate e.g. a threshing machine but that was understandable: one of those had killed my grandfather. And when I wasn't doing that, I'd travel around with the village milkman making deliveries or collecting the week's money. What absolutely was not happening was that I was being in any way abused or being subject to forced labour. And it added to my education, not detracted from it.

That is part of the problem of blanket rules that refer to forced labour and/or child labour. They fail to filter the good from the bad and are a broad-brush which sweeps away everything including what we might call para-education.

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