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Oh, God. Another "modern slavery" story. Yes it is. Read it.

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There are things that biased media push down our throats as they pretend independence but run a subversive agenda, from politics to social change. But there are some things that transcend the self-interest of media outlets, where the generally left-leaning press and politicians have got it absolutely right.

That raises the spectre of some kind of forced labour (the Guardian says it has figures showing that there may be as many as 65,000 NoKo workers around the world at the behest of the NoKo government which uses its people as a source of foreign currency) but not at the point where that labour is performed, further muddying the waters over definitions.

The US State Department produces several very valuable reports every year. Depending on the regime in the USA, the reports are either politically skewed or fair and honest. The Trafficking in Persons Index Report 2019 says " The foundational elements of human trafficking are difficult to grasp and the real world instances of this exploitation are even harder to identify. Importantly, how governments address human trafficking depends heavily on the way authorities perceive the crime. When officials view trafficking as a crime and have a precise understanding of its core elements, they are better equipped to identify and combat it, regardless of the particular scheme the trafficker uses. " This is exactly the approach that is needed and, sadly, runs counter to the approach that governments adopt in relation to financial crime risk management which is far too focussed on the method rather than the conduct and purpose.

In the 2019 report, special emphasis was placed on intra-national trafficking because " governments concentrate on transnational human trafficking cases at the expense of cases taking place within their borders" to draw attention to a "gap." This is significant because, the report says

Prevalence of human trafficking is difficult to measure; however, a number of international organizations have estimated that traffickers exploit a majority of human trafficking victims without moving them from one country to another. For example, the ILO estimated that traffickers exploit 77 percent of all victims in the victims’ countries of residence. Likewise, UNODC reported in 2018 that, for the first time ever, a majority of victims had been identified in their countries of citizenship, stating: “While transnational trafficking networks are still prevalent and must be responded to through international cooperation, national justice measures, strategies and priorities should acknowledge the increasingly national nature of the trafficking problem.” The same UNODC report also found that the clear majority of traffickers were citizens of the countries where they were convicted.

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