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Don't say "envision," say "envisage" or "visualise"

Don't say that: 


Do say this: 

Envisage, or


"Envision" is a non-word that has crept into use. It is used when people can't think, or can't be bothered to think, of the correct word.

It is used in place of two entirely different words and therefore is a cause of confusion and uncertainty.

"Envisage" means, literally, "to put a face on," but that's not how it's used. It's used to mean to imagine a scenario that might develop in the future e.g. "he envisaged a future where motorbikes would drive themselves without a rider"

"Visualise" means to see something in one's mind's eye. It is therefore a tool of both imagination and memory. "He visualised the door into the building."

As always, any word that is ambiguous or imprecise should be avoided.

"Envision" falls squarely into that class of words.



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