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Don't say "gifted." Do say "gave."

Don't say that: 

Gifted, in the sense of made a gift of something.

Do say this: 



The word "gifted" has two very specific meanings.

The first means to be very talented. For example "he is a gifted musician."

The second is a legal term that means to make a bequest or a donation to a charity, for example, "the testator gifted his house to his children" or "the businessman gifted the painting to the museum."

But "he gifted me this ring" is wrong: it is correct to say "he gave me this ring."

Obviously, by association, "to gift" is, except in the limited sense explained above, also incorrect. Say "to give," instead.

The tendency to use what is actually a technical term for an ordinary giving of something by someone to another is one of many examples of people trying to "inflate" the importance of something by using big words.

In fact, it just makes makes the user sound ignorant.



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